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RMD has been Riello’s trusted and certified partner since 2007. RMD can supply, install, and maintain all products form the wide portfolio of Riello UPS systems.

RMD engineers are fully certified to install, commission and service any Riello UPS solutions. If you would like any help or advice about Riello UPS products, contact the RMD team and for more information call: 01259 222323 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Steve Wood @riello_ups_uk explains how power gets generated. Watch this brilliant video to find out how power gets to your business or home!


About Riello UPS

Founded in 1986, Riello Elettronica initially manufactured switching power supplies for IT applications, before moving into the manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

In 1995 Riello Elettronica took on its present structure, becoming a parent company for the rest of the Group's businesses. Thanks to Riello UPS, Riello Elettronica is today one of the four largest manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies in the world, and our product range includes solutions for powering the smallest desktop PCs or the latest super computers used within the most advanced data centre operations. In fact, Riello UPS power solutions can be found almost anywhere a continuous electrical supply is critical.

Most of the manufacturing takes place across plants in Legnago (Verona) and Cormano (Milan). Italy is our country of origin, yet Riello Elettronica's strong grounding in the European and Asian marketplaces is fundamentally important to procurement ensuring rapid, efficient and above all monitored selection of the highest quality electronic components used in the manufacturing process.