• Responsive and reliable battery replacement.
  • Responsive and reliable battery replacement.

The battery is an integral part of any UPS system. Like smoke alarms, the battery should be replaced at regular intervals to ensure the UPS can be relied upon in the event of a power outage.

Most UPS batteries have a lifespan between 3-5 years or 7-10 years depending on the frequency of use and the environment in which they operate. Temperature is a particularly important factor and UPS systems should be kept between 20-25℃. Every 10 degrees above or below this temperature range can take a year off the life of a UPS battery so it’s important to monitor its condition.

Battery autonomies can be tailored to suit different applications and timeframes – whether you require 5 minutes before switching to a generator or an hour or more to you give your team the necessary time to power down safely all your equipment.

At RMD, we can advise on when to replace batteries, how often to test batteries and how to dispose of used batteries correctly in accordance to the regulations. Our service includes: 

  • Battery monitoring
  • Individual cell testing
  • Battery replacement service
  • Safe and compliant battery disposal and recycling process

We can incorporate ongoing UPS battery maintenance into client’s contract to ensure that your batteries are tested and replaced correctly.

RMD is a SEPA-accredited waste carrier complying with all government legislation and we guarantee the highest standards of working practice with full safety equipment.

RMD work with all the major battery manufacturers including APC Schneider, Riello, Eaton, and MGE and can source replacement cells for most types of UPS.

Our engineers can replace batteries on-site and bring the system back online. For smaller systems we can supply user replaceable batteries.
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