• Customised data centre Power Distribution Units.
  • Customised data centre Power Distribution Units.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are used to distribute electric power while improving manageability and efficiency.

We offer customised data centre PDUs and standard switched, metered and basic rack PDUs from the top European manufacturers including Schneider Electric (APC) and Eaton.

Basic Rack PDUs

  • Reliable power distribution via a single input with multiple outputs
  • Suitable for low amperage single-phase circuits and higher power 3-phase solutions

Metered rack PDUs

  • Real-time monitoring of connected loads
  • User defined alarms warn of potential circuit overloads before critical IT failure occurs

Switched rack PDUs

  • Load metering
    Controlled on/off switching by individual outlets for remote power cycling
  • Delayed power sequencing of equipment and outlet use management

Bespoke data centre PDUs

  • Each PDU is designed and built for the individual requirements of the data centre
  • Power is distributed at the data centre level rather than rack level

RMD also supply Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Generators, and Replacement UPS Batteries.