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The Summer eve of 07/07/2017 turned into a team night of ten pin bowling at RMD. Everyone who could attend seemed to enjoy the team spirit and some chats and laughs out of the usual work place setting. Three very competitive teams went head to head to try and win some very sought-after trophies.

There were many battles being fought and the healthy competitiveness shone through in all! There were some real superstars of the night all coming from the one lane, so a big well done to Team 3 (Caroline, Frank, Tom Chris & John).  

A very special mention to Tom who was the overall champion of the night with more strikes than the Thatcher years! Our mentions also go to the birthday boy Chris, who was hot on Tom’s heels with his bowling skills and who took the most stylish bowler award, and to Caroline for the funniest bowler of the night.

Scot “Skulduggery” Doc was up to his dastardly tricks and his sidekick Mad Max in Team 2 (Gavin, Farid, Rona & Scot) watched in awe as team three ripped the competition to shreds with their deft ball handling skills!  

The camber on Team 1’s (Karoline, Ross H, George and David) lane was there for all to see and it is most definitely the only reason why team 1 didn’t win anything as their combines score was lower than a snake’s belly!

However, it is the determination that counts and it was an excellent team effort from all, so once again we thank all for giving up their precious time on a Friday evening & joining the team for some fun & healthy contest. We hope to do something like this again soon so the teams can all get together again for some fun, chats and laughs.