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RMD Pedometer Challenge

At RMD we are half way through to our 2017 pedometer challenge. Teams’ competitive spirits are rising and the miles walked each week are shaping up very well. We decided to encourage every RMD employee to get step counting and moving a little bit more over the month of June & July and hopefully beyond.

Our two teams were drawn at the end of May and we started our walking contest on the 5th June. Our pedometers were kindly provided by Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives. SCHWL is an organisation that helps employers create a safer, healthier and more motivated workforce. They work with all businesses, completely free of charge, offering practical information and advice to help improve health and safety and the well-being of everyone at work. 

Would you like to follow our example and have a similar type of challenge at your company?

Here are some of the rules that we decided to follow during our RMD Pedometer Challenge:

  • Each team is competing to have the most steps combined at the end of the month.
  • Steps to be counted for the full day which includes out with office hours.
  • Daily totals to be entered in to the daily log sheets & send to our SHEQ Officer Karoline Fisher at the end of each week. She totals the scores and converts in to miles.
  • The miles travelled are charted on a map set up in our kitchen so that everyone can view the progress of the two teams.
  • A weekly email is sent out to advise everybody of the teams’ progress.

We feel that the pedometer challenge encourages everyone at RMD to do that little bit of extra walking, keeping fit and maybe even losing a couple of pounds. We believe that the competitive spirit remains for the rest of the month and beyond! Perhaps one of the teams can walk all the way to John o’ Groats and back by the end of July!

How far has each team walked so far? Here is the map for you to see: 

RMD Pedometer Challenge Half Way

You can find some practical advice, guides and tools to help with every aspect of health, safety and well-being in the workplace on SCHWL website: http://www.healthyworkinglives.com/