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When thinking of power outages it’s easy to focus on storms and supply issues but Eaton’s latest Blackout Tracker report is a reminder that the most unexpected of circumstances can lead to costly problems.

While the Great British weather was accountable for around 14 per cent of last year’s blackouts, teenagers and animals appear to have played their part too!

Here’s Eaton’s list of the top five most unusual outages of 2015:

By the book

Essex, East of England: Year 11 pupils burning their exercise books on the last day of school inadvertently knocked out power to 135,000 customers. Buildings were evacuated, traffic lights stopped working and phone signals went down across the state. Police were investigating the incident as arson.

Getting squirrely

Yeovil, South West England: A squirrel chewed through power cables, cutting electricity to 1,000 customers.

Power prank

Lancashire, North West England: Youths were spotted hanging around an industrial power cabinet just moments before it exploded, causing a power cut that lasted for hours on the hottest day of the year.

Go fly a kite

Henham, East of England: A kite that was being used to scare away birds became entangled in power lines, blacking out 637 residences for almost two hours.

Barking up the wrong tree

Ramsbottom, North West England: Youngsters reportedly cut down a tree, which fell across power lines and knocked out service to 290. Residents reported seeing two blinding flashes of light and a small explosion as two boys were spotted running away from the scene.

Network outages cost large organisations an average of £54,750 per year so make sure you have a recovery plan in place for your critical IT infrastructure.

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