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RMD Ltd achieved the Bronze Award after implementing a number of activities to improve the health and well-being of their staff. In particular work focused on improving knowledge around policies and procedures such as accident reporting. We also focused on improving physical activity by running a staff pedometer challenge and trialling sit-stand desks to encourage staff to spend less time in a sedentary position.

 I caught up with Karoline Fisher, our SHEQ Officer here at RMD, who is the brain behind the long run towards us achieving the HWL Bronze Award.


How did you find out about HWL and their award scheme?

I found out about the Healthy Working Lives awards when I attended a local health and safety refresher training course at Stirling Enterprise Park (STEP). The course was run by Tom Neilson (OH&S Adviser HWL NHS Forth Valley) and he mentioned that there was free occupational health and safety advice available for SME business like ourselves under the healthy working lives scheme. He described the Award Programme which consists of Bronze, Silver then Gold awards and has been designed specifically to assist work places in developing health promotions and safety activities with the overall goal of providing a healthier and safety workplace.

What inspired you to get RMD involved and how did you apply?

After arranging a meeting with Tom here at RMD to discuss the support and Award Scheme further, we had a walk around tour of our facilities and I provided him with information about who we are and what we do.  Tom then provided us with information about the HWL awards, the benefits to our organisation and how to access their resources, training events and support. 

Although we already had excellent robust health and safety polices and procedure in place, with the assistance of healthy working lives we could focus on our employees by raising their awareness, and providing them with support and advice with regards to safety, health and wellbeing issues.

A short time after signing RMD up to the award programme we were assigned a Health Promotion Officer from our local NHS Forth Valley healthy working Lives Team to assist us through the process.

Is there anything else that Healthy Working Lives provide to support businesses?

The HWL bulletin which provides lots of advice, guidance and best practices from other similar businesses of activities. There is the health promotion service a free service run through HWL which provides us with access to leaflets, posters, borrowable resources such as books, models, games and teaching kits, DVDs and the likes. We also receive regular posters and leaflets from HWL for their latest campaign for us to use for our own campaigns and activities.

What activities did you arrange?

To achieve the bronze award, we were required to undertake x3 health, safety and well-being information campaigns, 2x healthy, safety and welling activities, 1x activity based in the topic of mental health and x1 information campaign to raise awareness of the smoking policy.

Based on the results provided we were able to provide fun activities incorporating a healthy competitiveness between teams/ departments, and information campaigns which all staff members could enjoy and gain knowledge and experience from.

How did you encouraged your colleagues to work toward the Bronze Award?

Colleagues were encouraged to take part by keeping the activities and campaigns relevant to our organisation and employees. Right at the start of the award we conducted an employee well-being survey to establish their awareness of our current health and safety policies and procedures and to find out if they required any further information along with the types of activities and information they would like RMD to provide in the future.

Our most recent activity was taking part in a RMD pedometer challenge where health working lives kindly provided us with the pedometers.  We had two teams chosen at random competing over two months to log the most steps which was then converted in to miles to show the total distance travelled. We displayed a map of the UK in our canteen and plotted the weekly miles travelled by each team.  This was a lot of fun and helped staff members to become more aware of how much they actually moved during their working day, learning about the health benefits of walking and hopefully encouraging them to become more active both in and out of work.



What did you enjoy the most and what did you find the most challenging working toward the Bronze award?

What I enjoyed the most was being able to get everyone involved and seeing positive behavioural changes starting to occur.  Colleagues will openly chat about information they have seen displayed on the health and safety and healthy working lives notice boards.  

Organising and taking part in various themed activities have been a great motivator and team builder. Although they have not always been successful, I have enjoyed the challenge of find new ways of providing activities, keeping them fun and the staff engaged.

What would your advice be to other businesses who are thinking of getting involved in HWL Award programme?

The healthy working lives team provide excellent support and advice ensuring that the process runs smoothly from start to finish. The award is structured in such a way that it can be tailored to suit your organisation and will assist you in providing the tools and skills relevant to your needs to create a healthier and safer working environment.


We are truly excited and inspired to be recognised for our healthy living efforts at our workplace. We are also very grateful to Karoline for driving the team towards this important and significant achievement for RMD.

“Receiving the Healthy Working Lives Bronze Award is a great achievement for our company. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are the life blood of RMD and the company’s biggest asset. We want to continue to invest in our employees’ welfare and empower everyone to even greater achievements. We are truly thrilled that we have now achieved our Bronze Award and we want to carry on the good work with our eye set on Silver ”, says Gavin Maxwell, Managing Director, RMD Limited.